Jetstream Farewell at the Ace


Sunday afternoon, 10 March - not a rideout but a farewell to all

We are leaving London after 40ish years and moving to Cumbria. We will be at the Ace in the afternoon, from about 3 pm

Anyone & everyone welcome for a farewell dinner/drink/cup of tea etc

Chris & Julie


Added to diary, my piece of junk is not charging so just as well it’s not a ride out


We will be there. We could come on our fully functioning winter hack - but we don’t want to show up Des so we might walk there instead.


I’ll be there


I’ll be there as well!


Hopefully I’ll be there :slight_smile:


I’ll be there.


I’ll be there, but late.


I’ll also be there late


Looks like a goer. I’ll put it in the calendar.


Alas I’ll be in the US. Have a great evening and thanks a million for the rides. We’ll miss you.


I’m in!


Sent this to as many old school LBers on facebook as I can.


An end of an era Jetstream! I’ll be there!


Ffs Am in South America at the minute, not back til late May :frowning:


Poor excuse :smiley:


Ah don’t go! stay another 10 years you know it make it sense :wink:

Thanks for those great memories of days out on the bikes following you two round the countryside…

I’ll be riding up from the Maldives next Sunday …

Here’s a few of the old rideout cartoons :slight_smile:





Happy days aye :slight_smile: …see you next Sunday


LOL, that’s brilliant! Great work Geoff.


Awwww Geoff

Fangs for the memories
Big kisses XXXX


Rats, Wiola and I will be on our way back from Gran Canaria (stealing a week to ourselves without the kids), else we would be there. She remembers her one Jetstream rideout well (I remember a few, including the only river I ever forded when not on the DRZ).

Good luck in Cumbria! No plans for a final ride out before you leave?