Jet sprays - yay or nay?

Can’t say I thoroughly enjoy washing my bike. Are they a bad idea?

And does anyone know of any garages that have 'em in West London?

you could try asking AlfieT, he works at the place next door to the ace cafe, he was saying something about cleaning bikes properly and i think he mentioned spraying them with air after a good rinse. couldn’t hurt to ask.

It is said that it can adversely affect the paint. Also, there are some specific places on the bike that should not be jet sprayed because the water gets in where it shouldn’t. That’s what I hear at least.

Don’t spray your rad fins, anything electrical, careful of shocks and fork seals. I have used then to de grime the belly and the wheels, beyond that not much though. soft car brush, some muck off and a hose at regular pressure to rinse.

What is the best way to deal with the fins?

sponge and some water…

Yay with a healthy dollpop of common sense. I can’t stand cleaning my bike and I think there’s a lot to be said for valeting :D. If I HAVE to do it myself, then a quick jet wash avoiding the delicate bits mentioned above (plus any deals if you have them) gets the bike back to a reasonable standard of shinyness again. Life’s far too short for using cotton buds, elbowgrease and half a day to clean a bike.

Castrol Greentec, Halfords is as cheap as anywhere. It is one thing that really works as it says it will, squirt on make cuppa rinse off drink cuppa!

^^^ +1

It’s a big NO, unless you’re off roading proper. I have a KARcher jet washer, never used it on the Bonne. The Bonne wash bag includes

There’s too many places you don’t want the high pressure spray to reach including including wheel bearings, fork seals, headstock bearings, coolers, air intake, swinging arm bearings, suspension seals etc

Like they say around here, avoid sensitive parts of the bike. However Jet spray it might or not might damage the bike depending on how close you are to the part you want cleaned… Cleaning the wheels with a brush, sponge and a bucket might be the way to get the best results, but it’s a massive pain in the arse. I prefer to spray it, and if needed be, do the small bits by hand, otherwise it takes too much time.

Jet wash the worst of the crud off (watching those sensitive areas)

Spray with S-DOC or Muc-Off

10 mins later give it a rinse with the Jet Wash

Save your hard earned, Wynns Wheel Cleaner at £3.99 per litre down at The Range its cheaper than Muc-Off chips

Don’t only use it on the wheels. Just like Brute spray it all over ~ wheels, frame, engine etc

Does what it says on the can :wink:

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