Jesus i'm a liability!!!

Somehow managed to get lost on way back to Kentish town??? Some lovely cager escorted me back from Swiss Cottage :w00t: Jokes about ending up in Sweden are becoming less funny by the minute :hehe:

Good to see you tonight Alice:)

The North Circ isn’t the best sign-posted in the world.

Listening to the conversations at Ace tonight, there were quite a few who got lost on the way tonight so you aint alone hun;)

I have to admit I was a bit nervous at the Ace Lights where I was totally surrounded by scooter boys and even though i was indicating right they were were whizzing both sides regardless:crazy: i was so scared of wiping one of the tw@ts out:doze:

Anyway, with lovely roads like they have in France, it’s a pleasure to get lost over there, just call it deviation;)

I don’t know,after being escorted there by some of London’s finest,you got lost on the way back.Sorry could’nt do both ways,left it in:w00t: your very very capable hands:w00t:


I was with you untill i went past Ikea, realised i was on the wrong road, and had to try and find my way back to Hangar Lane - Nightmare!

New where i was, just had a thick moment!

Good luck on Wednesday!

Yeah good luck - by the sound of things you’re gonna need it!


Have you any plans for the next week Broady? Get your passport son;):smiley:

You want to ride so it’s getting hotter and hotter - that means you’re going south :stuck_out_tongue: If it’s getting cooler and cooler then you know you have to turn around and go back :w00t::wink:

As you don’t speak French, just carry a picture of a pengiun and point to it when you want to ask someone the way south:D

just hope they don’t direct you to the zoo:P;)

Surely an Italian flag would be better, just get it laminated with How do I get here written in several languages printed underneath.

dont worry about getting lost in france im sure someone here will ride out to find a damsel in distress :stuck_out_tongue:

but the worst thing is you wont have the london’s finest escorting you to italy, but if you get lost just follow the ducatti’s they might take you to Italy who knows, they might even show you their spaggetti :laugh:

good luck on wednesday alice was good to meet you

Spaggetti - may even meet an old tennant!

Chunky Now thats a thought,not quite sure I could wing that one,when she’s not happy with me going to BMM or ride outs.Although escorting a little blonde biker babe through Europe does have a certain attraction;).Not sure the old dog beemer I was on would make it

I’m sure a man of your standing could come up with an excuse:DI’m surprised that pictures of your decorated bike haven’t been posted yet;)

thats because i havent a memory card for my phone and cant transfer it otherwis i would have them posted up by now

Yeah I’m surprised Ginge has’nt put up his pics,thought the fairing was going to come away at the end when he was lifting it,that would have been interesting.:w00t:

i was only helping a diplomatic officer out of a tight space :laugh:

shame i cant get diplomatic protection when i have hundreds of women all floating round me :w00t:

You need a bodyguard to keep all those desperate women away,those nails can make a right mess of your bod.For a fee I’m sure we could come to some arrangement.Glad to hear you think I’m Diplomatic,I do try to be polite and gentlemanly at all times when in public:cool:

That’s the first time i’ve seen a police bike with the front wheel in the air;):smiley:

you can be polite sometimes :laugh: i can be even politer