Jerez Spring 09 Pictorial

I’ll do a wordy report laters.Back again to my favourite racetrack:

Early morning and the sky is blue:

I think this at Dry Sack, the hairpin at the end of the back straight:

Lots of lean angle in the next 3. If you look closely at the down pipes for the rear cylinder, you can see my cunning repair with 2 Red Bull cans and 4 jubilee clips! (Details to follow in report.)

Wonky Pipes

It’s Harry Monk!

Harry on one of his 2 Slingshot Racing (08 ) Blades. A superduke is no longer fast enough.

One of the very fast right handers at the end of the lap.

Moto GP replica / 2 wheeled porn.

Climbing out of turn 1, a nice impression of the elevation changes.

And going down a bit.

CBR chasing:


Great pics! Nice lean angles! What a brilliant looking circuit! And proper sunlight! Looks like track heaven! :smiley:


I spent days 1 and 2, keeping out of the sun when not on track. After 5 laps of day 3, I had to pack up due to a mechanical issue (badly split headers), and promptly got a bit sun burnt!

Look fantastic DP - I’d be sorely tempted to pack up here and live next door to the circuit - and only pop over to London when I’ve got work on! :smiley:

Like Dave who owns FWR tyres then! :slight_smile:

Lucky fella! :smiley:

He worked hard to establish the business, now he reaps the rewards.

looks lush mate, lucky boy. I must get out there one day with Focused Events.

Harry wanted to give me a run for my money on his K6 gixer at silverstone gp last year, he’s quick for an old boy. he had to give me a slap on the wrist after i made a daft pass into the chicane.

Looks nice, is it only FE who go there from the UK ?

Who is Harry Monk ?

Looks awesome. Youve got some serious lean angles there. :slight_smile:

great shots looks like you had an absolute blast :slight_smile:

Love the wonky cans :smiley: dont fix them :smiley:

great shots looks like you had an absolute blast :slight_smile:

Love the wonky cans :smiley: dont fix them :smiley:

I’ve got to be honest, a year ago, he was slower than a second cum.

50 trackdays plus Spanish trips in a year has bought him on nicely though.

Loots excellent. Maybe early next year to blast away the post Xmas blues

Nice photos, looks like you had a great time! Couple more photos of the circuit below (if I’ve uploaded them properly!) from a slightly different perspective you may find interesting, not nearly as good quality as yours though!





Great pics RB. What’s the story behind those then?

man i’m jealous!

the orange express is looking good pete, wonky…bit good:D

cracking pics, one day i may get to go play;)

The guy on the Desmocedeci, and his mate with the 213 BHP crescent suzuki must have been well chuffed when the happy shopper bike passed them complete with wonky pipes!

ducati pete is old skool like happy shopper! BBBBBBBRAAAAAAAAAP! well if they cant ride em…:w00t:

you funny fugger:D



I’m at the flying school based out of Jerez airport at the moment. The circuit is one of the reference points that we use when flying out and back into the airport. Unfortunately you’re not over it for long enough to see much of whats happening!