Hi Guys! Just got back from 3 days at Jerez GP circuit. I realise this is similar to the Cartagena thread, but as my Grandma used to say… "You can’t have enough ORANGE in your life."I thought I’d start by sharing some pictures:

Slideshow should appear like the shopkeeper from Mr Ben if you click the icon

Some stills.

Keeping a tight Apex: One of the fast right-handers at the end of the lap. The superduke could hit this line lap after lap. I made time on most of the race-reps through these 2 corners!

Eyes down look in for another trip on the Orange Express.

I’m gone! (Does my bum look big in these?)


I will be a bit more descriptive later, video may follow.

Hi pete super pics, weather looked great.

had a go on Francis Williamson s/duke at Brands the other day, and as you say keeps up with the race rep on the corners easy, really really good out of clearways and onto the straight too…nice.

missed this originally when you posted up

fun pics mate, annoyed a few of the superbike boys on the tango-wagon then?

The vast majority, around a full-on GP circuit, on a orange shopping bike, complete with lights and winkers.


what, no pillion and tankbag?

October has just gone up on the FE site.I’ve booked the holiday 'cos it also means I get to avoid a project I don’t want to get involved in - Queen Mary 2 refit

where’s the vid pete? quite fancied a ganders from your onboard jiggery pokery…