Jeremy McWilliams, shows up some journo at Ascari

At the Launch of the KTM 1290, ex GP race winner McWilliams take to the track to show the press how its done.

There is just no comparison between McWilliams and the bike journos - his skill and speed are just so many levels higher than them - and the journos themselves are probably quite a lot faster than most ordinary riders.

it would help if your link didn’t start the video just AFTER the overtake.

what are you chattin about? it starts in the pits, with him waving at the camera. and there is more than 1 overtake groovy, jus keep watchin.

great video, hes the man and I think he must be near 46 years old now

nope it starts at the 6:26 mark.

only seems to be happening to you though cherub. soz luv.

Nope, it started 6:26 for me as well. Had to rewind the tape, and I hate rewind the tape.


Don’t get it, works for me. :slight_smile:

on the end of the URL you posted is “#t=386”. that starts it at a different time.
without that code starts it from the beginning:

cheers luv, fixed it. Me Groovy wins the internet.