Jenny Tinmouth

This is the young lady we were chatting about at BMM who aced the Brands round last year.

She’s even put LB on her website! :slight_smile:

Carl’s ‘favourite’ lady racer!

edit : I mean -

K arl’s ‘favourite’ lady racer!


I see she is participating in the NW200 as well as the Isle of Man TT.

Good luck to Jenny, i hope she enjoys the ride…

A very attractive and talented lady. Somebody’s very lucky to have her in there life…

I was there with the 120 plus Endurance team and see her in action.Her drive out of Rusells was incredible that blonde ponytail just got faster and faster,i cant say enough good things about her a true credit to racing it made my day.

I hope she is at the next round at Anglesey :slight_smile: