Jeeeeeeaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee it just got even colder!!!!

jeaassseeee my fingers, toes and other extremities are fricken freezing this morning! thats even through the two fleeces, gortex jacket, rainproof over jacket and refletiv bib!

Anyway the point to all this moaning is stay on your toes fellow peeps! I locked up this morning following a van that little to closly in traffic! avoided any real problem but was a wake up call non ther less! Cold tires and london car and van drivers dont mix!!! dont get sloppy! like me leave plenty of space. I saw some guy following an arctic on the M4 yesterday on a ZX10R with about 2 meters between him and certain death at 65mph. In the wind and safe or out the wind and dead???

The guy following me on an August F4 shite himself and soon put some distance between me n him! :w00t:

anyway enough ranting! stay warm :smiley:

Yes, it’s fecking freezing out there today guys and gals!!!

Please all be careful and stay safe… :D:D

Im feck’n freezing!!!

That nice bit of sunshine should thaw a few things out!

Take care out there

nice and sunny right now, time to go out on bike :slight_smile:

Thermometer was showing minus 2 this morning and there was plenty of ice on the roads. Definitely time to create a big protection zone around yourself. Hands ached with cold by the time I got into work.

Off to Florida Keys in 16 days time, gonna hire me a hawg. I’ll think regularly about all my fellow bikers (I really will!) as I enjoy temps in the mid to late twenties.

The admin setup wont allow me to type the appropriate response to that! but it goes something like you bleep bleep bleep rah rah! have a nice time :smiley:

Interesting ride this morning, sliding all over the place, even the front. Take care folks, this is the turn that you really need to be careful of, accidents happen with complacency.

yep i had teh front sliding this morning, scoot wouldnt start, so SV it was…got half way to work and thought, bus…should have got a bus!!

Was frosty when i got my gear on this morning but a beautiful morning and I was looking forward to teh ride as hadn’t used the bike in for work in two weeks.

Got kitted up, top box on covers off, bike unlocked and… it wouldn’t start… flat battery. not surprised as little used recently but bloomin anoyed… :angry:

Och ya big girls! -2 ain’t that badSpare a thought for our token Septic KSGregman whose house has just frozen solid and exploded in a shower of ice storm debris… you whingey sissies want cold, go ride the MidWest…

We ain’t in Kansas anymore toto, this is the D@mm Arctic! :smiley:

Hope you’re well fella!Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone is so against the cold. I love it personally. I hate it more when I’m sweating like a pie-eating lardy whose office is on the 10th floor and the lift’s bust. What’s so bad about cold? And why is hot so much better?

Pilot Road 2 didn’t notice any slipping well only my foot on the crap in the middle of the road.

had to put my winter gloves on today as my grips have stopped working still it’ll get warmer soon, well in about 3 months:hehe:

It was that cold this morning the bike wouldn’t even start, so had to ditch it and come to work by car … over 2 hours for a 50 minute journey :crazy:

You can always knit some wooly thermals for the bike, then give it some warm porridge! lol

my pilot powers didn’t feel good at all!:w00t: sorting the scoot tonight!

it ant the cold mate! although hot is way better!

hot = more grip more lean more speed more fun!!! :D:D:D
Cold = less grip more accidents for you and everyone else around you! slower reaction times cos of nippy fingers and excess clothing, "i can hardly turn my head with all the fleeces under me jacket! :stuck_out_tongue:

on the layering up so that you look like a michelin man (well maybe you can use that as an excuse mr polar bear…:slight_smile:

the EDZ innershell is seriously good. fleece collar and windproof, but so thin it adds no bulk whatsoever. wearing that over a tshirt, and my winter dainese jacket as been enough to keep me warm the last few days.

well impressed!

just moved to london about 2 months ago mate! am broke! money doesnt go anywhere in this damn city! layers of cheep fleeces may make me look twice my size but there in the plenty in my work clothes stash:D

It was a tad chilli this morning.:smiley:

i wear a t-shirtmust be tucked in! jumper,fleece balaclava-cold killa one-,and rst textile jacket over the top, never get cold, leather trousers on, waterproofs over teh top with sidi boots on, toats mate toast! tho i dont have to go that far and i spend my winters out in the cold chasing big fish! it dont bother me really…:D:P

hell im still wearing my vented summer gloves!!:w00t:

LOKI-JME (12/12/2007)

Thermometer was showing minus 2 this morning and there was plenty of ice on the roads.[/quote]

Add zero at the end of that 2 and half a meter of snow - that’s real fun mate! :stuck_out_tongue: