Jeb Corliss crashed (wingsuit guy)

yep the guy that was grinding the crack was grounded! :crazy: he’s alive but with multiple fractures

and your surprised? lol

no, not really… :smiley:

I hope he has already gathered enough nuts for winter .

Wow, very very lucky

That was inevitable … hope he makes a full recovery though :ermm:

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but… :laugh: It’s all Numnum’s fault.

This little accident happened today BTW.

I hope he makes a full recovery, until the next time :crazy:

guys pushing the boundaries will always have accidents… that’s how they push boundaries :smiley:

and yes, definitely a lucky escape comparatively speaking

sods law you mess up when being filmed, hope he makes a full recovery.

that was filmed on Table Mountain, Cape Town :smiley:

very windy there…

gets a bit chilly up there, aye :w00t:

according to those super thick thermal heated surfer board shorts, I’d say no… :hehe:

it wont let me view the video, says its private!??

updated link

Thanks :slight_smile:

I bet the inboard footage will be good!

good thing he has 10 gopros on him :w00t: otherwise we wouldnt get the crash from so many angles

Ouch Ouch Ouch!

Stunning footage, got to admire his passion for Base Jumping and pushing the boundaries to the extreme.

Wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him fly again soon:cool:

freakin ouchie, I saw a pic of his leg, it didn’t look good

He must’ve broken some ribs on that rock too… :pinch: