Jeans for fat thighs

Can anyone recommend kevlar jeans (ideally with armour) that are cut generously in the thigh? My Draggins need replacing after several years and there’s no one near me that sells to try on.

Fat thighs and short legs
Your not Turkey are you

Sounds like you need to find a shop with a large range of brands, preferably 100 miles or so from you, and go for a ride…

Hood Jeans. You can visit them and get a custom pair made…


Bull-it are very generous in the arse and leg department.
I find them too baggy myself but they could be what you are after.

I’m not big in the arse but I’ll see how they fare

Draggin Jeans distributor is:

they have links on their website to retailers. Hope it helps.

Diet? :laughing: (heeding my own advice there too after nearly bursting my Rev’its!)

wish it was that easy. it’s muscle, not fat.

Exactly how fat are the thighs in question? get the tape measure out - we have a shortened pair of Draggin jeans hardly worn which might come in useful - they’re too baggy for Mrs J.

as a person with the same issue, I would also suggest hood jeans.

The only issue is that you have to try and get measurement right off a website. Though the people behind them are very helpful and good with returns and stuff…

Had mine for 5+years. As I wear my jeans low the stitching around the crotch has opened up but otherwise they still look brand new…

Not the most stylish jeans and because the lining is all the way down the leg they can get quite hot in the summer, but I believe it’s better protection. You can also add Knox knee and hip protection, although the one on the site is quite ‘chunky’.

34 waist, 32 leg, 22 thigh.

I find Red Route and Sartso brands generous. I really like both, but my Sartso ones are too baggy and I look like a clown. The Red Route ones look super in my opinion, although less kevlar protection than the Sartso (but cheaper).

Sartso did loads of different styles when I was at NEC last time.

hmm, might be worth waiting til the bike show actually. good shout Gav.

We’ll measure up later and let you know if they’ll fit you Mian.

Ok we found them - they say size 12 in so maybe not what you’re looking for. However theyre not a ladies fit, and nor are they a size 12

They would fit 22 " thighs though :slight_smile: if you are in Wembley any time soon youre welcome to try on!

Daisy dukes or chaps might solve your problems!!

That’s a unsettling image now in my mind. #shudder