Jeans + boots = in or out

When wearing leather pants you always tuck them in the boots, but what if you are wearing jeans (draggin or normal).

Do you tuck them in aswell or leave over the boots?

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,

Unless you find yourself at a very muddy festival.

Exhibit one:

After I’d cleaned them.

I always leave mine out over the boot

Leather In

Denim Out:)

Only time denim is socially acceptable inside a boot on a bike is if you’re on a Triton or suchlike & have the old style boots that come up to just below the knee.

However, if you are in the habit of wearing flares/baggy trousers, then I’ve seen a number of people fall off bikes at a standstill 'cos they’ve caught their trouser leg on the peg & not managed to get their foot down in time. :hehe:

out m8


if u want to look like a farmer in the field then tuck em in

You’ve said it :whistling:

Can vouch for that, done it myself. You don’t half look a tw@t! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty clear-cut result :slight_smile:

I say leave them out but i do have a pair of jeans which i can`t get over the boot then i have to tuck in.

Jeans out, but leather out as well. Just get a different style!

I remember one very soggy trip back from the Ace when I was wearing a different style of leather trousers and it rained. My waterproof boots were brilliant except for the puddles they still ended up with sloshing round my tootsies, cos the rain just poured down my legs into my boots. Squelched audibly every time I changed gear, and absolutely cringeworthy every time I put my foot down. Ugh!

leave jeans out unless to flappy…

having said that I’d only wear jeans on a very short trip as had a friend who came off recently, fairly slowly, but needed surgery on her knee after deep penetrative damage to it :pinch:

out, y would u wanna tuck em in??

Most deffo OUT!! :slight_smile:

In??? Only if you tuck your vest in your Homer Y-fronts too!

Definately out!

out is the only way to go

It seems to me that Egypt220 came out quite some time ago!! :smiley:

I thought you were a couple ;):stuck_out_tongue:

defo out

Tucked in when i have my MX boots on, but outside in my sidi’s - didn’t vote as I can’t vote for both needed a 3rd option “depends on the boots” or something :slight_smile: