JDC 1 Piece Waterproof Rain Suit

ok so I ordered two of these of Ebay, was supposed to turn up next day and 5 days later 4 of them turned up!!! so screw them :smiley:

I have two that I don’t need, selling for £10

They cost £22.50 delivered off fleabay, and I will be up both Blackheath and borough market on wednesday and can bring them with me

Leon, I’ll take one of these, trouble is I’m not sure when I can meet you as I can’t make it to borough this Wed?

I’m not about much over the next few days, but maybe could meet later in the week or next weekend, I work in Westminster and live near Greenwich.

Let me know what works for you.

K, 1 down 1 to go :slight_smile:

no real rush so when ever matey

Can I have the other??

Can I get 1st dibs if some one cannot take one