Jay - Your pipe has impressed the Ninjas!


(hope u didn’t mind me linking yer site pics, but I had a sneaky suspicion it could of been your Gixer they are talking about!)

I’m trying to keep a low profile!

Low profile??? Bloody hell jay. My neighbours are not talking to um up to this day, since you been at my house with this dribble making bike of yours… All the babies around the neighbourhood are still crying…lol

want a low profile? buy a Honda cg125 1982…

Blimey Jay, you get everywhere

Your telling me he gets every where!!! I couln’t even begin to tell you!!! Like I’ve said before… He’s a very, very… Errrrmm… well, think i’ve said enough!!! Bad Boy!!! he he he…

Welcome to the site Jay

Now I want a black K5 with a racefit can you b4stard!!

Surely you need a BAD MAN, a boy is no good to ya

He’s more than enough for me to handle… The older ones run out of stamina too quickly!!!

Aye ya right , the Wife says the same thing

That avatar the wife mate? Im not surprised your knackered