Jay, you naughty boy!

Glad there’s no cameras on the Hammersmith flyover!!

Was good fun hooking up with you and Foxy for the blast home!!!

Good to meet some new faces at the Cubana, Ginger and Brian (Buell) oh yeah and Jasons new Benelli was a real treat (git!)

I thought it could have been you mate! I didn’t know who you were, but I was gesturing towards the LB sticker on the tail, if that confused you, I thought after it must have looked like I was pointing at the ‘1000’ decal, heh.

I thought you were pointing out how lovely the seat cowl looked he he he!!

So was that Jay on his way down to Cubana this afternoon on a gixxer thou with someone else, both of which got pissed on by a courier on a beaten up 120K 400 Bros between the speed camera just after Hogarth and Talgarth Rd before they turned off at earls court at around 17.10 by any chance?

Nope SickPup, I was still at work at that time. Mistaken identity!

He he he… Nice little ride home eh…

I got pulled just off Hammersmith Round-a-bout for my plate, and just as the two lovely police men were just getting their books out, I got the spare (and correct size) one out of the back of the bike and put it on!! They pissed themselves laughing and let me go on my way… lol

Naughty girl Foxy! Good job you carry the spare!

You girls get away with murder!

I would never have got away with that, well not unless they were gay! In which case I think I’d rather have the ticket!!!

Was good fun wasn’t it, shame it didn’t last a bit longer.