Ok, coming from you James I know that there’s a funny story behind it! Tell us before jay wake up and delete the post! Come on , quick!

Tell Tell Tell !!!

Wind up merchant lol

James, stop looking in the mirror you freakster…

that doesnt explain the situation! We want the truth! spit it up mate!




oh, I bet jay had given him some sort of bribe by now!

Andrew is that a picture of you in your leathers?

Fess up!!

Better believe it.

You checked the gallery from Brands yet Roger?

HUGELY impressed. Wish I had been able to make it. How did the trumpet go? Loose any oil???

Oh haha.

It blasted around - a real weapon even with me on board. But a little smaller than I’m used to so I gotta practice hunkering down while hanging off. Great power delivery, handling etc. Roll on Silverstone.

i’ll vouch for andrew’s trumpet

so much so i’m feeling distinctly underpowered now and considering one of these…



Jonny my friend have a look at this video! It was back in 2002 in Spain on the track of Almeria. i placed the camera on the back of my Gixxer thousand and filmed my friend on his ducati 996. Have a look at it and notice that he’s a better rider than me at that time, but his bike was so underpowered by the suzuki that it was hard for him to keep up even being a faster rider!

On the straights he was like on a 125cc compared, see the video:


wow mate, that’s unreal how much the gixxer pulls in comparison

great vid by the way!

i’m going to test ride the r1 when the test comes in at the yammy dealer i reckon…

(i think we’ve highjacked this thread by the way)

Oh man!!! Talk about an upgrade…

Never mind all that My Uncle had just passed over the R1 for a new Gixxer thou k6 and he says on the BT014’s that he had onthe test ride he could wheel spin between any gear :o

The point here is Baby J has accused Jay of being gay and we need to know why!

the white bike at the end was a VTR1000. the guy was not very happy as he’s far a better rider but as soon as the gixxer was upright? he couldnt get near enuogh… lol… I wish i had a mirror as i didn’t know what was going on behind! lol

So, what the game babyJ? We won’t forget

JB, the R1 is still underpowered A 999S would do it!