Jay vs Pedestrian - Jay Wins!

Some of you may remember that I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a rather unplesant accident involving a drunk pedestrian that ran out in front of me outside the Ritz hotel last October one Friday night/Saturday morning. The accident came out of nowhere, happened very quickly and ended up with one pedestrian critically injured, put into a coma, hospitalised and then one Jay with a badly damaged neck (landed on my head), one smashed up bike and one very traumatised girlfriend.

I’ve received a letter today from the Metropolitan Police serious traffic incidents department informing me that after six months investigation, they find that I was in no way to blame for the accident and will be taking no further action in the matter. I cannot tell you how relieved I am!

I knew I had done nothing wrong, but I had heard so many scare stories about pedestrian vs vehicle outcomes attributing blame to motorists where any regular person would stand up and say “er, no”. Luckily the system worked this time and I have a huge weight off my shoulders and can now look for some closure on it all.

I’ll speak to the Police investigator tomorrow to to see the state of things, i.e. the woman pedestrian’s condition and then most likely speak to Rider Support Services about pursuing a claim against the pedestrian for the damages she caused myself and Foxy, assuming it’s not distasteful and the woman is up and about, etc.

Be careful out there guys and girls, not everyone includes common-sense in their daily activities. Most of us think it’ll never happen to us, but none of us are immortal.

Time to forget this memory:

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Much needed sigh of relief then Jay? good luck claiming mate, that will be the next hurdle…

Yeah, it’s a big hurdle from my understanding of it, but if you don’t try, you don’t get. Thanks Neil.

I’m so glad to hear the outcome, Jay! You must be so relieved!

I’d go after the ped (or her estate, if deceased), “distasteful” or not, but then I’m a hard bitch.

Glad to hear that Jay. Can’t have been fun waiting to find out whether they were going to persue you.

Onwards and upwards!

Pleased for ya mate. Hope you get to recover costs from her.

We are all reliefed Jay! Now go out and get drunk like a good brit, lol

Thanks all! Cezar, I don’t drink really, and besides, I’ve been put off it since this accident. Paivi, you hard woman

Good luck with the claim Jay, by the time you get Suzuki will be taking deposits for their new GSXR 1000 K8.

Top result.

Wow…FANTASTIC news, Jay.

It’s gotta be an EPIC relief to not have this hanging over your head anymore.

Nice one.

Good to hear that Jay!..way to go …just be careful when you pursue your claim in a lawsuit that she does not counter-sue you.

Well done Jay, fantastic result. Proceed carefully from here as you dont want to waste loads of time and energy pursuing something that is unattainable. Gets loads of advice before you embark on anything more as you dont want to waste time and effort with no result.

Huge weight off your mind, common sense has for once prevailed!

Paivi’s right - they’d be quick enough to stick it to you if it was the other way round.

Congratulations. My advice would be to put it out of your head, get a really good nights sleep and don’t think about it again till the morning.

Wise words, thanks for the thought guys.

Good news. So often you hear about these things defying logic and going completely the wrong way.

Good luck with any claims!

hey thats brillaint news jay.

best of luck now in the pursuit of you claiming.

PM me again if anything.

Hi Jay,

Glad to here that there are no charges.

I,m not to sure that I like the -Jay Wins! bit in the title of the thread.

I see no winners here!

Lets hope you all make a full recovery, not to metion the poor Gixer: