Jay ur on telly!

I watched an old episode of game on the other night and just realised how much Jay looks like the bloke in it? I take it someone has mentioned this to you before Jay?

Check out the picture and see!



Umm, no, nobody’s mentioned that to me before. I guess I should be grateful, though I can’t help but be concerned; he has a much more receeding hair-line than me!

It wasn’t said as a bad thing just facial features are similar. Maybe it’s just me sorry.

I think you should be more concerned with the fact that he snogs a bloke!

Silver… I’d be careful with what you say man… tut tut…

Also I appeared in Game On, when I was acting… sure it was the last one of the program when Sam gets married…

How weird/cool is that?

You got me wrong! Game On’s excellent, although the first series with Ben Chaplin was better…

Ooooo Running scared… Only jesting dude…

double 'ard bastard!! grrrrr

I would have done anything to be close to Samantha Janus very nice lady! Love her legs! :0)

Just her legs?

Hey… maybe zx6rj2-yellow is incredibly short…

I only come up to her waist which is all thats needed really :0)

theres a joke in there somewhere