Jay. Help!

Tried to log in half an hour ago but stll have not made it into the General Chat section of the forum.

I seem to be able to log in and get on to all other bits of the site except General Chat. When I try to get there I get presented with the “New topic” screen.

I’ve tried logging out and logging in again, even re booted the 'puter. Still the same.

Can you PM me with the answer, because if you just post a reply in this section I’ll never get to read it.

i’m getting the same thing with Google Chrome, that revolving loading thing going on forever…
but its ok with Opera…

You’re not the only ones chaps:


Gotto give the moderators their dues.

I got a pm saying it was a known problem with Chrome and FF (I use FF) and a few hours later it’s fixed.

Well done guys and thank you.