Jay, Foxy and anyone going to Thruxton

You all welcome to come to the paddock bar tomorrow night (Sat 15th Apr) and join in my birthday celebrations

WARNING!!! Because theres no track time for anyone tomorrow (practice is today, qualifing Sun) the bar experience may start early

(I was meant to be working in London Monday hense not having it sunday night or being there race day but I will now as next weeks job has fallen through) Looks like there could be a session sunday night too now

Thanks LMRR, we’re still undecided right now, there’s a lot of things going on, but if we don’t make it down, have a blinder of a party!

Happy Birthday for the weekend Honey… I’m sure you’ll have a blinder!!! He he he…

I know!! theres LOADS going on this weekend that I want to do too but BSB had to top it this time.

Well have a good one too whatever you end up doing.

Hope to see you there if you go

Happy easter everyone x

Cheers babe, it would be a shame if you don’t make it, hope to catch up soon. Maybe down the Waterloo (if I can find it) on wed.

Hey! I was there today!

Gonna be there Sun and Mon, are you staying there / working there or summat else?

Hamster and I will be down for Monday weather permitting

I used to work at the race meetings for R&G but they stopped doing them now (some other people are there selling their gear now). I’ll be there for the social, staying in a lovely HUUUGH american motorhome. Will be there until Monday now as I’m not working

I’m going to help my mate Caroline set up her stand (Gruff studios, the paintings her dad does) tomorrow lunchtime and I’m sure we’ll be on it from the time we get there

I’ll pop my head around the door on Sunday then!