Japanese police bikers

damn, thats cool!


I’ve seen it before, brilliant bike control isn’t?

I have to say the driving standard in general there is far higher than here, hence I’d expect the police drivers / riders to be quite good…but god damn that’s smooth riding

Is this, perhaps, what the new UK bike test is gonna be like?


Pretty cool

thats is pretty cool,

not to sure on what there wearing tho…

I think you’ll find (other than the numbered bib) it’s the standard issue uniform.

thats why it says Japanese police bikers not Japanese funny dressed bikers

Seen it before and im still amazed, where can we go to learn that it would cut my london runs in half

amazing control, anyone able to teach me that then?

I’m sure most could learn that skill, it’s just a question of how many times you want to drop it while learning…