Jamie Olivers new recipe book for free

It seems that someone at Jamie Oliver’s publishing company sent a word document version of his 2nd book to one of their mates this morning. Unfortunately for the poor sap who sent the word document, it is now flying around the web at a rate of knots.

PM me if you want me to email you a copy AND please spare a thought for the poor bugger that originally sent it, while enjoying the food you make from the recipes!!!

When you say “new” do you mean the book that went around last year?

Dunno . . . It was just sent to me . . . Im just sharin’ the love

I presume the documetn is this one -


Bet you feel daft now eh?

Daft? Why would I?

I got about 70 recipes that I didnt have before . . . so as far as Im concerned I’m quids in.

It is still JO recipies, just old ones, and ones that have been circulating a while.

You must be new to this intarwebs lark then. Not that I fancy some sugared mozarella slices on a bed of shredded beetroot (and all in only 20 minutes!) but it’s been doing the rounds since 1642 or something. I believe Socrates first photocopied the different books to whip up a delightful yet low calorie brunch for his mate, The Duke of Wellington.