James Toseland kissed me !!!!!!!!!

Fabulous day out at Brands BSB

Topped by the Grimbusa, Rob & I bumping into the man himself JT - he gave me a kiss and had a quick chat before he went home.

He asked me to join him but I had to decline

Nice to see Taz the Boss, Busaboy & Pete at the Suzuki stand (Oh plus Chris Walker & Cal Crutchlow)

Great company from the LBers as ever

Roll on Silverstone !!

oh you tart! cant take you anywhere! hehe, sounds like you had a great day, it took us 6.5 hours to get home, loads of traffic and accidents, and a biker down, hope hes ok.

Hope he is ok too.

Was it worth the long journey home though ?

PS there were no tongues - not this time

He must have seen how many babe votes you got…

He’s probably posted on the BSB riders forum “Debz kissed me today”

oh it was worth coming home, i can only stay in my home village for a few days, then i need to get home, i couldnt live there anymore, ive made my new life here, and have made all you guys as my mates!

Top day, we’ve just got home (50 mins?), had a great time, got sunburnt, the boys took 10gb worth of photos. God knows how I’m going to sort them out and get them online. Loved the races, thanks to Iain from KTM for the use of their van!

great day …great compony…great bit of racing…

got sunburnt meself…and after sun came out for the first time since last year…

too bad the Rizla boys did’nt bring home the bacon today…but the gixxers looked unsettled mid way threw both races…and i think they gotta do somthing with that bump exiting outta clarks ya’know

all in all fantastic day…

hope somone got a pic of haslem binning it in the gravel…


was a good day! fair amount of LBers out and about!

bit dissapointed with the rizla performances and stalker had a terrible race in race two!! but i felt for him so he got a big blast on the air horn from me!!

finished off with a bit of larking around up the ace!! videos to come!!

cheers all for a good day.

I did say it in the other thread, but you can’t say it too often… thanks to Adam, Gina, Biscuit, Smiled and Andy for looking after me Great day… my forearms are now glowing and I think I’m going to have to buy a bulk load of aftersun for the next few days.

Glad you all had a good day, i ended up painting my fence.

Yup top weekend and it was nice to see a few familiar faces on Sunday :slight_smile: along with the regulars of Damon, Jay, Tash and the incomparable Toby who was actually spotted doing some work (filming) hehe.

Cheers Jay for the processing, man I was cream-crackered last night

Tired? That’ll teach you for getting there early!

ahem yes I was a little keen it must be said. But wouldn’t miss it for the world.

No worries dude! I agree whole heartedly!

debs im going green with envey!!! did u ask him to get his kit off!! did he give u any tounge!!!

I held onto his upper arm as he leaned in - very firm it was too

Did you press your big bristols into his uber sexy chest?

Oh but of course - plus I gave them a little ‘shimmy’


I can just see you with your red sparkley nipple tassles on swinging em round in a clockwise direction singing “hey big spender”

Who told you about that?