James has a new bike!

One of my friend’s Dad’s is giving up biking as his new girlfriend doesn’t approve, and he asked around to see if anyone wanted it. I said yes, so he said I could have it for a £10 down payment.

Picked it up from the dealer today, got it driven home. It’s a wonderful thing, GSX600R k8 in black and silver, all stock. Only got 1077 miles on the clock! Bargain!

I’ve got some pics here…


Nice ride James, and heavy enough that the scroats at college won’t be able to move it for you. Time to buy a big f-off chain me thinks :cool:

I sense a wind-up!.. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha how short are you dude?!!

Hehe… how you gonna restrict that to 31mph??? :smiley:

hahaha, just noticed how huge the floor boards are… :smiley:

D’oh! :blush:

Oh c’mon Stevie, is it really that good?

Haha, nice prank :smiley:

I was half way through my 4th pint can of stella - whaddya expect :doze:


Let’s see you post pics of you and a Barbie doll doing pillion on that 1:24 scale bike! :smiley:

I expect someone of your age and stature to be able to hold his drink, that’s what!

You’re calling him old and fat …?

After he’s had 4 pints of stella …?

Asking for trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

OY! C! That may well be true but only if * I * say it!!! :smiley: (Which I was about to until you poached me joke :D)

UKWolf - you wanna jump on that little bike and start pedalling boy - I’m comin’ to getya! :smiley:

Nice ‘pocket rocket’ :wink:


:blush: I didn’t mean it like that! or is it ‘crotch rocket’ - I can’t remember? :ermm::smiley:


HA, it almost caught me out too