Jamaican Motorbike Accidents

The Jamaican government did a study ( with tax dollars ) to see why there are so many deadly motorcycle accidents in Jamaica …

I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

batty riders ??? :smiley:

Actually every single one of those pics were shot in Myrtle Beach SC!!!

I like it there.:smiley:

+1…thats all Myrtle Beach South Carolina. ‘Atlantic Beach Bike Week’, aka: ‘Black Bike Week’.

Obviously SC is a helmet optional state, between 2-300,000 bikers (and entourage) from all around head over there for a gathering of bikers to partake in fun, sun, meet, greet, eats. It’s generally 4-days long that starts the last Thursday in May thru til the following Monday (Memorial Day holiday- most generally use that day to pack up and begin the exodus home).

Like almost every other motorcycle ‘bikefest’ in the USA it is a total squid fest. Hardly anyone wearing gear but truth be told there isnt much of any kneedragging going on anyhow, it’s all cruising and crawling and showing off really. It’s rather congested and is heavily patrolled by layers of law enforcement (state, county and local) to an unnecessarily rediculous degree so there is virtually no speeding or hooliganism whatsoever. This is predominantly a sportbike crowd with a mix of stock, modified and highly customized sportbikes (I think all the 'busas ever manufactured converge there for this event…all stretched, lowered and custom painted of course). All manner of races and ethnicities attend and are welcome although it is predominantly Afro-American.

Dont bash the name, it has a history as to why it came about. There is a ‘bikeweek’ the prior week frequented by the harley crowd and it was because of a tradition of exclusion why this other bike week came into being. The USA…I’ll never fully understand it.

Careful now you talking bout my HOMETOWN… but you are right. but being an ex-copper from there I can say that as long as you dont do anything STUPID, you can generally have a right blast…

Example of stupid…

Wheelie down Hwy 17 between 4-10PM…

Example of a get away

Ripping it up down the street in Atlantic Beach that is CLEAR except for the onlookers ON THE SIDES…


Burnout at red light near the Pavilion


Burnout in mall parking lots, same street as above


Drag racing down the blvd

Get away with

Drag racing down the blvd and wrecking your wheels with no other damage (just for the laugh factor)

Have the pictures been enhanced using some graphics software from the rear side of the women…?

ha ha…i doubt it…those women have some serious batty !! can you imagine us riding our bikes like that?..freeze it off !!! literally…:w00t: ha ha…remember one time coming along the M25, there was a articulate lorry behind me? driver kept trying to get a look see if it was a man or woman, they have an idea (sometimes) guess he just wanted to make sure?..anyway, i stood up on the pegs and pushed my rear end up a bit…:wink: Got a blast from that huge hooter they have !!! and then i shot off and left him …had a huge grin on me mush…:stuck_out_tongue: (thats FACE to you Terrymoto !! :P)

Look how they spelt Jamaica, LOL :smiley: Guys on the US R1 forum are plannin on meeting to go to Black bike week this year, I’d like to go one year but I guess I’d have to rent a bike:cool: At least they werent doing this!!!

Frightening! Hope they survived to warn others of the dangers, look at the front wheel:w00t:

I was just going to say the same thing when i saw this pic ! Look at the front wheel…OMG !! how did they stay on (if indeed they did?)…he must have slid that bike round…what complete idiot !! oh and both have protective clothing on eh???

oh and both have protective clothing on eh???
Yeh they called the leather suit ‘skin-d-2-the-bone’, :w00t::hehe::hehe::hehe:

Gravel Rash :w00t:

Thats an incredible picture! Just a millionth of a second before the real carnage starts. When it’s all up to your imagination it seems so much more horrific! This one actually makes me feel a bit sick! :sick:

wow I would love to see the after pic, or maybe not

deffo want to go to bike week in SC, looks interersting lol

He’ll be fine :wink: Kevlar gloves :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell with the front… looks like the back wheel is up off the ground :crazy: