Jade Goody

Whilst it’s all very sad and she’s doing it for her kids etc etc , am I alone in thinking we’ve heard enough?

Every time I watch the news the story is there…I am not without sympathy here but there are more important things going on in the world today…

I reckon it’s very sad for her and her family especially her boys.
She’s highlighted her illness and countless girls have already come forward saying they have only had check ups because of the spotlight thrown on cancer in general and her particular type of cancer in particular.

The other ‘important’ issues would still be there whether the blanket coverage of Jade Goody continues or not.

Speaking ill of her or the coverage says more about you than the woes of the world.
There are plenty of stories about the economy,football,girls aloud on other channels and papers.

and there endeth the gospel according to Chen

What a load of old tosh…I am not speaking ill of her in any way , I am saying that enough is emough. She has done what she felt she had to.

why is that a load of old tosh.

if you’re so small minded to moan about that then thats cool.
but what ‘important’ issues are being under reported in OK magazine or the sun/star because of the jade goody story

so i can only assume you know her personally because if she had done what she felt she had to do as you have written then she wouldn’t still be in the papers and on the news.

I do feel sorry for whats shes going through and its great what shes trying to do for her kids, but it is in your face 24-7 and it`s getting boring.

Well…no I don’t know her personally (as you don’t I but feel free to make judgements about me regardless of that) but she and Max Clifford has made it very clear what her goals were…raise awareness and money for her boys…she has done both at this point. It’s still in the papers because it sells to some parts of society.

Guys, i understand both sides and knowing some one personally that is also going through this horrid desease i would ask this, If you was in a position that would bring this important issue to the masses would you not do the same thing?

well she’ll be gone soon so bar the blanket obituaries she’ll figure in the papers less and less…
my perceived judgement of you stems purely from your first post. apologies if i have offended you but although i see loads of stories about Jade in the paper i don’t read them all,but i’d rather see them than the same coverage of Cashley Cole getting caught in a club talking to a blond or some other useless tattle.
I reckon THEY are the type of stories that have probably made way for Jades coverage not any stories of ‘importance’

I hear what you are saying…no apology needed… There are lots of good and worthy people going through the same thing, and worse, and we hear nothing of them. Sadly, this story sells papers and that’s why it’s still running.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that raises awareness of this awful disease is a good thing.

If you’re fed up with the column inches, don’t read them;)

I don’t read any UK papers but I do like to watch news on TV and seldom does it not include this story…I struggle to think that most people in the UK are not more than aware of this disease without this coverage…Yes, it seems more women are going for a check up following the story but I remember when the HIV thing hit the headlines many years ago…Thoughts of possibly unwise decisions taken in the nightclubs of Manchester sprang to mind and I rushed off for a test…It was clear and I never took another test (nor did I alter my behaviour) and forgot all about it. A large number of the people rushing in for tests now will do the same I imagine.

Very true, feel sorry for her children who will grow up without there mother. Personally can’t stand the women, and it is in all the papers on all the news channels. It has become tiresome. Perhaps she should learn some dignity.

Harsh :blink:

I understand fully why she has done it, admire her for her courage and the fact she has put cervical cancer on the map. I have long complained that the age for cervical smears should be dropped especially now as i have a daughter in her early twenties.

If her being in your face has saved just one other life then bravo for Jade!

I do have to add that personally feel the time has come to stop the media circus, she has achieved what she set out to do and for those out there battling the disease, their families and for her sons in the future do we really need video/photos of her final days? Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

agree on both commentswould’nt wish that on anyone but could never stand her, so dont read about her


Everyone says she is only doing it for her kids!!! Bolldolocs!!!

There are a lot of people making a lot of money off the back of all the hype.

+1Can’t believe max Clifford works for nowt…

Considering he lost his wife to cancer and has been treated fot it himself I wouldn’t be surprised if he waived his fee for all this.I know he’s not everyones cup of tea but he does do a lot of fund raising for The Royal Marsden Hospital.