Jacket and Heated Gloves

So going to get rid of a few bits. 

Jacket up for sale happy to take £65 for it, brand new worn for about 6(ish)wks. still has a years warranty on it as well. Meduim fit (I have a bit of a belly and fits just about right).

Also pair of BRAND NEW EXO2 heated gloves. The Glove are brand new worn for about 20 minutes, unfortunately a little too small for me. Looking for £60.
(although the gloves are new the cables are not, gloves were replaced under warrranty to the latest model however the Medium is smaller on these, I’ve removed the tags so cannot now get a large).





Good luck with that, I’ve just had 4 motorcycle jackets on eBay auction with starting bids between £15 and £50. The two jackets at £50 were virtually new £200 jackets, no takers for any :frowning:

so the gloves are a medium but come up a bit small?

so the gloves are a medium but come up a bit small?
lol basically!

I had the older model which was medium and perfect fit, so they sent me medium of the new design and they have come up a bit smaller. To Be Fair I’m a large medium…

@NT - yer I have a feeling it will end up at a boot sale! don’t want to put it on fleebay as after fees I may as well just keep it…

Thing with jackets on eBay is that they cost a lot to post due to their bulk