Jacket alterations.....

I have a leather MDK jacket (the one in the profile pic) that i bought from a market cos i needed something stronger than a hoodie.

Its is alot bigger than me It is xxxl and i am about a medium to large, Could anyone or does anyone know someone that could alter it to fit.

Wasp does excellent alterations and repairs. Just send her a PM.

+1 for wasp. She’ll prob be down the hut. I’m sure you’ve met her before…

Anyway, if you want I can take you jacket to her on my day off, or pillion you there. You know since you 125 doesn’t much further that the tea hut :P.

Course he’s met me before lol i jumped on his bike last time he was up the hut lol :smiley:
Go on bring him down as pillion i’ll be able to hear him screaming from the A13 lol:w00t:

Thats how small Cameron’s bike is… Even little Wasp can jump on it :smiley:

Yh wasp loves my bike… cos my bikes pro haha

Yh Im up for that you dont have to take me pillion my bikes running fine…

For now lmao :laugh: