J&S hanger lane,stockwell and gants hill

morning all
as you all know hein gericke is no more but j&s have taken over all the hg shops and taken on the staff as well.
there are lb’s in each shop so if you need any biker gear please pop in and say hello

Good to see everyone still has a job, been meaning to pop into the Gants Hill store for a while now…

Cool , I was actually planning to pop over today. Do you have any Kriega US10 tailbags in stock in Hanger Lane?

Excellent news. I thought I saw Hanger lane open yesterday but was too far past so I couldn’t park up and I wasn’t sure. All the best for the future. I hope your jobs are secure now.

Went past there last week. Nice to see the place open with some bikes outside as well. I was heading North so did not have time to stop.

sorry we dont have Kriega US10 tailbags in stock atm but will talk to head office to see if we can get some in

If I finish work in time then I will pop by on the way home tonight Paul – need some chain lube, and I want to browse for new boots ;-).

What time do you close - 6pm?




Good to see that J&S have invested in a keyboard where the caps lock isn’t stuck on Paul :wink:

6pm simon.silver6 yer still here.tiggi yes have got new keyboard lol

Good to know you’ve kept your jobs, we’ll have to pop in - who’s in Hangar Lane branch?

Paul is at Hanger Lane still :slight_smile:

Good to see you Paul, pity I made it in so late – the traffic on the A40 was murder, non-stop filtering all the way out of town. Will come in for longer next time, try and get me those boots in a size 45 to try on :slight_smile:

its not Gants Hill anymore

its J&S Accessories Ilford