J&S Accessories Greenwich

I don’t know if it’s been posted yet, I haven’t seen it.
J&S in Greenwich are, unfortunately, closing down and they’re having a sale.
There’s 25-50% off everything. I was in there on Friday, and it seems that common sizes for most good stuff are going, but there’s still some bargains. I got some cheap waterproofs even cheaper, a nice pair of Alpinestars goretex gloves at more than 25% off and 2 bottles of Fuchs chain lube for a tenner.
So if you’re in the area, definitely worth popping by.

Are the batman helmets still £50? Why didn’t they sell? :rolleyes:

I would imagine they are closing down due to crap customer service? We popped in the other day, was prepared to spend out around £600 on new leathers… and they couldnt be arsed… charming, needless to say they didnt get our money :D:D

Are they definitely closing? The New Malden store has been having what looks like a closing down sale going on for about two years. I got 25% off a jacket last November and 30% off each of two helmets a year before that.

How long is the sale expected to last? (not getting paid til next week)

I always had really good customer service. I found the guys working there always helpful and to the point, and they often knock of some money when you buy multiple items. Then again, I’m not the sort that expects tea and biscuits when I go shopping, which I know is quite common in bike shops.

Anyhow, they’re definitly closing down. Typical story, lease to the premise had to be renewed and price was trippled (Greenwhich has changed a lot I guess), so they can’t afford to stay there any longer.
Apparently they’re still looking for a another London premise.

Not sure when they’ll be closing properly.

It’s a shame it’s going anyway.

We found them friendly enough in there, it was quite pleasant being able to browse round without being followed and hounded by salespeople (aka the bike shop next to H cafe … arrrrhhhh!)

Find it quite amusing that we have had the opposite yo above.

H’s is excellent, couldnt fault them in any way, never been hounded. in fact had to queue to get served once!:w00t:

Where as J&S’s, the woman was awful, kept telling us the leathers were all matched and in correct sizes, when we actually tried them on and looked, sizes all over the place. She kept saying they didnt have it in a smaller size. I dug around a little and found 2 sizes smaller. Kept telling mel she wanted leathers for a pillion rider!! haha. Mel wants full race style not your pink baggy fluffy leathers to try and look pretty perched on a bike. Very amusing.

The guy who was working that day, couldnt stay on his phone longer if he tried!

Mixed revenues. We didnt expect 5star service, just someone half willing to help. We had the cash in our pockets and more than willing to spend it.


Do you not think that might be because they are possibly losing their jobs and can’t be bothered anymore? :slight_smile:

Retailers usually get a few months notice of closing down, so I’m sure you’ll be fine next week.

Was it also not a very bad place to park a motorbike for any period of time?

Quite possibly, but they were still getting paid the same money i presume as they were before the sale.
Pink leathers my arse… (See lewis’s post) :D:D:D

awful place. Greenwich has its lovely bits and its not-so. J&S is borderline not-so and no-go!:hehe:

AFAIK they are closing the shop on that site due to the Landlord vastly increasing the rent on the unit (in the region of 2 to 3 fold as I understand it).
Most stuff in there is 25 % off with a select few items at 50%. They were doing a good deal on 2 x 500ml muc-off for £10 and 2 x 400ml Silkolene Chain Lube for the same. That was last week anyway, Sale’s been going on there for over a month already…

Fudge it, needed both muc-off and chain lube! damn!

Was in there today, decided to pay a visit to see if I could find anything I need. Haven’t ever been, but boy is that one messy car park - FULL of litter! :crazy:

They’re still there! not sure if it’s £50 or £50 with an extra 25% on top as the guy said it was 25% off, pricing is confusing, but most stuff in there is still good!. They were novelty, but would rather spend a little more on protecting my head! :stuck_out_tongue:

They have the 2 x 1 Litre Muc-Off sprays for £10. Thought that was a bargain, haven’t used it before so it’s worth a go methinks! :w00t:

Not sure about the 400 Silkolene Chain Lubes, they had quite a few bottles of various Silkolene stuff in there. About half of it is 2T or Scooter oils. I imagine everyone who’s got a fast/big bike has already bought their oils and the scooter folk are too cheap to buy decent oil! :hehe:

Theres quite a few Ladies Kevlar jeans in there, mainly size 14 and size 16. Also were men’s kevlar jeans, mainly 36-40, the odd 32, not much left. Not sure about jackets and trousers etc, as I’ve already got those.

I lost a bike from outside there but the staff have alway’s been good and fair

Apparantly sainsburys have bought the lease and this is not the first time sainsburys have done this,they buy property and may not necessary put a shop there its just to stop anyone else opening there,spoke to the guys and they were offered redundancy.Do feel sorry for them.Sainsburys did this to waitrose they bought the lease and increased the rent in kicked them out.

Harsh!! It’s a shame, because I think J&S is an alright shop. Haven’t been there in the past, but just strikes me as that kind of small motorbike shop that I like.

Equally, I’ve heard Sainsburys is pretty bad ,similar with Tesco’s with land matters, such as those you’ve mentioned. I only like sainsburys that little bit more because they print recycling information on their packaging, and Tesco’s don’t.

*“Equally, I’ve heard Sainsburys is pretty bad ,similar with Tesco’s with land matters, such as those you’ve mentioned. I only like sainsburys that little bit more because they print recycling information on their packaging, and Tesco’s don’t.” *

Sainsbury are amateurs at the game compared to Tesco who have bought most of Woolwich while Greenwich Council have bent over, smiled and braced.

To be fair, all of the Corporate chains at at this shi**y game and the multi national corporates are the worst.