So…it seems this indian couple have had IVF treatment to have kids…shes 59 and hes 72?..(FFS !!) they had to conceive in india cos its not allowed in this country cos of her age…right that done, they come here to have the kiddies…who turn out to be GIRLS…straight away, they are abandoned cos they DONT WANT THEM THEY WANT BOYS!!

The old man is asking how long it can be before his wife can have treatment again to get pregnant to try for a BOY…These poor twins have had NO visitors in the nearly 2 weeks they have been born in Wolverhampton…not their parents or anyone from this sick “family” !!!

So… err now what??? Up to us tax payers i guess?

This just is the icing on the cake for me…what is going on? Sorry, as heading says, not bike related but ive just been put off my brekkie and thought id share the moment…(im sure you understand) (shakes head in disbelief )


Thing that gets me as well? i thought that being capable of carrying and protecting a baby for 9 mths and the pain of it being born, was all part of the bond of mother and child? For that child to be cast aside merely because its female and the culture doesnt “appreciate” girl babies (why? would someone explain?) is the thing i cant get my head round?What kind of women ARE these? This is not the first case…its just the first case HERE that girls have been abandoned on our doorstep !! But this is common in india…they are sent out on the streets from toddler to beg, they are used and abused in the “family” with usually the males being the worst ones for treating these girl children badly, but the women just have to let it happen or THEY will be thrown out !!

Why ARE males regarded so much better? And NO i dont want any, "cos you lot are the weaker species blah blah…cos this is not that kind of topic, a jokes a joke, but this isnt)…

How can woman be made to feel their worth, if this kind of thing is being allowed? I thought indian/asian families absolutely doted on their children regardless of sex…i know im probably being incredibly naive here…and guess im missing so much…but i cant get my head round this whole thing of coming here to dump these girls, simply because they ARE girls?

Hope some family steps in to adopt them, and they grow up to be more successful than their parents could ever wish for and when their parents come cap in hand for money…kick their sorry asses back to india !

Hmmm. I think it’s possible to determine the sex of a child at the cellular level. It does seem a little poor. I dont know the full facts, though, so its difficult to say. I would have thought that if one were having difficulty conceiving, that any child would be a godsend.

I guess controversial research (like stem cell research and other research involving foetuses) would have to be undertaken to be able to successfully manipulate children either way - diseased or not, male or not…

The question here is: is it better to be able to manipulate babies to be what you want them to be (and thus irradicate or seriously reduce infantcide), or should it be left to chance? Should you be able to create a beautiful intelligent child? What about giving birth to a paraplegic child?

Im undecided on this one. I feel strongly that freedom of choice is important, but never at the penalty of another. The exception to this is siamese births, where one baby is attached to the other and one would probably die in a separation.

Bit deep for a thursday afternoon, though, bird! :w00t::hehe:

Understand ANY parent with a disabled child and applaud them for caring and looking after them making sure they are still loved and wanted regardless of the disablement…my nephew is autistic severely, so i know what it can be like…

But with this case? This woman in late 50’s has IVF in india, CARRIES the twins for 9 mths, comes HERE to have them, finds out they are girls, and they dump them, and now HE wants to know how long before they can go back to india to have more IVF…they wont do it in england as she is too old…

The only reason these girls were dumped was BECAUSE they were girls…no disablement, nothing wrong with them…they dont want girls…they want boys…to carry on the name apparently !! So now we have to look after them till they can be adopted, at tax payers expense and these girls will never get to be with their natural “parents”…if they were boys, no problem…

This report is slightly different and discusses that they were visited by their parents?



Oh yeah definately - but I think the reporting of the story is a bit suspect. The Guardian link has an earlier tag on it concurring with The Sun story. I dont know how true it is and suspect it may be hype.

Its true, though, that Cast is an important part of marriage even today, that marrying down is a bad idea (similar to the Class marring down views held in the UK until relatively recently, but perhaps enforced slightly more stringently in India). Doweries can be involved too. As films like East is East have documented, however, there has been a massive change in this area, resulting in more of a merge between eastern and western cultures. Sometimes a happy medium is found and sometimes not.

Of course, Im not Indian, but, having been born in Birmingham, many of my friends are Indian or Pakistani (this story originates from Brum too) and I think the above is relatively accurate. Im happy to be contradicted though :wink:

Hi all, may be I can shed some light on this.

This has always been a bone of contention and always opens up a can of worms. Certainly doesn’t make me happy.

Firstly I’d just like to say that women should not be allowed to conceive once the menopause sets in because their body is entering into another stage in life.

Secondly, and to quote Blade “Why ARE males regarded so much better?”. Several reasons really:

They are not given away or leave the family once married. The sons and their families always live with their parents till their dying days and as such act as their pension providers, providing for them till they die. The sons are supposedly the earners. However, having said that I’ve never once seen one Indian guy working when visiting India, it’s always been the women and they work on farms and fields.

To carry on the name

Depending on which cast, women are not allowed to be educated as this will give will allow them to think for themselves and go against the culture for want of better things. Of the casts which do allow women to be educated, they are still classed as second class citizens and have to obey their parents/brothers etc if they do not want to be disowned and thus regarded as a loose woman.

The Dowry still exists in India for certain religions and there are too many to mention here, although the government has tried to ban this. The dowry is important to them because it reflects how much wealth the daughter-in-law has. Some parents even refuse to have their sons marry women whose parents promise the other side one thing at the beginning but may not be able to deliver on the actual day, and the future son-in-law walks away.

There have been cases that even after marriage and with so much dowry brought in by the daughter-in-law, she is treated extremely badly by the in-laws and murdered/set alight etc. These cases go on but hard to prove because the in-laws say that the daughter-in-law committed suicide!

All these reasons are inter-connected. Basically, to the Indian male, the women are a burden and only on earth to have kids who will then provide for their retirement.

Also, marrying into a different cast is a different case altogether, at least that’s my opinion. Lots of young people marry into different casts in India and most probably disowned by both sides of their families because they married for love rather than what they were told to do.

As for my case, well, luckily none of the above relate to my family or my religion. We don’t have dowries in our religion, it’s viewed upon quite badly. In case you’re wondering, my religion is ‘Jain’. Mahatma Ghandi was Jain and he was a very peace loving man and valued all creatures great and small. I love both East and West cultures and take the best bits from each. I’ve seen lots of interrelated marriages in this country. Most of my cousins are married to English men. My sister’s married to one! The cast system is slightly different here too or at least it is in my religion, it’s a little more relaxed. Another biggy is that Indian women are now equally as educated as their Indian male counterparts and both have a voice in how they should live. Parents know they will be the losers if they object. Luckily for me my parents are pretty open-minded.

It’s not just India which is guilty of this. China is another biggy.

I hope this answers some if not all of your questions.

Really informative post. Nice one.

Thanks, guys, that did explain a lot…still hard to swallow some though…hey my name is julie ainge? ie jainge…when you said your religion is JAIN, that would explain why im emailed and asked if i am indian/asian? i couldnt work out why i was being asked this…ha ha…

Still cant get my head round the caste thing? What these girls must go through…

No probs, glad I could help.