Ive settled the Arai vs Shoei debate!!!

yes thats right!!!

Ive settled the debate…

…and the answer lays in harrods for the armani helmet i saw on the weekend.

so if your thinking of deciding between these two then take 2(thousand) steps back and get this helmet i saw in harrods on the weekend for £250 lol


I wonder who actually makes the lid…it’s bound to be one of the known names and then it’s just branded for Armani…

I’ll ask them next time im there if i can be botherd, but i doubt they will know tbh. Theres not much info on the net either.

Hideous! they are meant to be designers!

Why don’t they just spray the word ‘knob’ on it.

Less hassle, same effect.

'Cos Momo’s lawyers would be straight onto them for copyright infringement… :hehe:

YES! Perfect!

can imagine the court case now LOL :smiley: