I've scored with Miss Hanifah!!!

I just established the friendship of a mostwonderful Miss Hanifah. She’s written to my LB inbox to tell me that,

“Hello Dear,
How are you today?I wish you a happy new day toyou!
my Name is miss Hanifah. i saw your profile on thewebsite www.londonbikers.com,
I am a female,single never been married , i haveno kids i am looking for a good and kind foreign partner that i can trust in mylife.
please If you are interested in knowing more aboutme in this relationship you can send me an email at ([email protected]).i will be waiting to hear from you With love.
your Hanifah”

Considering my profile is pretty lame, I’mguessing she’s easily impressed, so it sounds like a great match.

Now, where to send my money…

Too late, she loves me, & I gave her the money for a flight to the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

dam you as well ;-(

There gonna be a special ’ bukkake blackheath meet ’ I think

Two timing whore…

She’s mine… Leave her alone… :laugh:


more than two :Whistling:

x -timing whore…

Happy now math brain? :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the dual purpose of X, as a variable and to signify the end of your relationship :w00t:

[email protected]


Where’s trouser snake when you need him?!

stoopid bitch, lol

Damn it wifey , stop PMing my biker friends and get back in the Kitchen :smiley:

Ah well - You’re all blown out now. She wants me…

I thought me and her had something special :frowning:

I’ve actually just met her after she pm’d me earlier. She says she sent the messages to you lot by mistake and she actually ust wants me. Sorry guys.

Typical woman, can’t make up her mind. :smiley: She wants only me…

Not bad, only been on the site a day and I have scored already.


shes a he