I've Passed!

Wanted you all to know, I passed my test this morning, in Chingford at 9am ! Yeay me !

Thanx to my instructor, Hayden @ Elite Bike School and to my wonderful Husband, jonny-zero for his patience.

See you down at High Beach on Saturday.


Well done, stay safe and enjoy to the max !!!

Well done!!!

Well done Girlgirl see you at High Beach drinks on you HAHA


well done!

Well done babes, knew you’d do it !

Congrats Gridgirl!!

well done gridgirl…

Yay! Nice one, really pleased for you - go out and enjoy

Wicked well done mate so pleased for you!


Congrats Grid Girl…You didn’t have a Brian Beechcroft as your examiner did you?

Congratulations! See you at our bike meets!


Good on ya!

Well done, DAS or Restricted riding for two years ?

sweet !

Congratulations grid girl!! I hope you dont get too much face ache from the continuous grin you’ll be unable to wipe off your face

well done