I've only gone and booked it - SuperBike School Level 1 - 19 July

After a few years of nearly going on a track, I have finally done it and booked myself onto CSS.

I appreciate its not a proper track day but it’s start.

Any tips?

Yeah, enjoy it first and foremost! You’ll no doubt get more out of this than a traditional trackday, so well done. Pre-reading? Get into Twist of the Wrist book and video (video is corny but I preferred it as it explains a lot and why things happen), and check out Simon Crafar’s MotoVudu… I’m sure some more seasoned chaps will have other stuff

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve ordered twist of the wrist for some light reading… Motovudu looks a little too track day for me at this stage (although it gets a lot of very good reviews)

My main aim is to improve my cornering.

Couple of places left if any other track day novice fancies it :w00t: