ive just realised the biggest advantage of working from home......

laptop, extension lead, sitting in garden in this loveeeeellllly sun :D:D

can also try… laptop - in house, you - in garden… Even better!

+1 lol

not everyone has that comfort :frowning:

Could also try … laptop logged on … answermachine on phone … and go out on your bike:D

I would try those other options, if it wasnt for the fact i have to see boss tomorrow, so i need to have something to show if i want paid :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, does anyone have a good cure for not being able to see the screen very well in sunlight? its such a tough life with the sun glaring on the screen :smiley:

That is exactly what I am now going to do! Can’t miss this opportunity for a blast:D

mmm, the cold drinks in the fridge are very enticing…

but i cant, if i wana ride bike to bm later :smiley:

being able to browse NSFW sites? xD

Lol, not getting much work done though are ya Steve!! :stuck_out_tongue: