Ive just picked this from my nose...Shall i.....



needs to be rolled, till its like play- doh, then flicked

like your style Steve’O…:wink:


Christ on a bike!


Maybe you should try to put it back where it came from.

I voted for the mysterious last option :smiley:

Say its an Emerald and put it on ebay

how is it possible that you are single?! :smiley:

How does your other half put up with you, she needs a medal and you need your balls chopping off Shane. :D;)

pop it down yer japs eye

Exhibit 1 - One bf I had rubbed his finger in his ear, and out came a ball of black wax, about a 1cm across. HE KEPT IT IN HIS POCKET TO SHOW ME LATER.

Exhibit 2 - A different bf told me this story, he first had a dream about something bright green, about an inch long, coming out of his nose and making friends with it. Next day, something really did come out of his nose, bright green, about an inch long. He showed his partner at the time.

I think it’s their way of showing us they like us. Maybe?

What happened to your snot Shane?

put it up yer bum hole. that way you can safely dispose of it later :smiley:

youre a lucky, lucky girl :smiley: Worst Ive had is some belly button fluff. Man, with stories like that, one wonders why women put so much energy into finding one of our very own!

After that story, think Im checking myself into the closest nunnery :smiley:



Geez gurl, you’re smokin’ hot.

(2nd from right?)

To the OP - DO NOT play with your food.

Looks like they’re packing some heat under the robes! :cool:

yeah, middle aged and Botox needing as ILLwotisname said :slight_smile: