Ive just picked the biggest Bogie..shall i..

well?..its on the end of my finger…its fate hangs in your hands:D.smiled:).

Just eat it Shane, just imagine it’s one of your five fruits a day :smiley:

eat it you know you want too:P

Flick it at that annoying woman…:cool:

eat it its good for you…:slight_smile:

Morning Shane :smiley: I’m voting for the tissue but thinking about it, if it’s a real big one it could fill you up until lunch time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

FIVE A DAY AGAIN, gotta be done in a oner.

flick it outta the window :smiley:

Save it for later. :slight_smile:

lol, depending on consitancy im going with flick it…

Good point, Poutywombat.

Does it require rolling? There’s nowt worse than a misfired flick because it wasn’t rolled enough.

soggy and bulbus at one end…hard and straggly at the other…ive had to put it on stand by as ive just had some really crap news…but i will leave it on my fag packet untill the poll ends…:).


Feed it to your cat!:smiley:

Use a tissue you smeg head :w00t: were’nt ya brunged up propa like i waz:D

Did it make your sinuses twitch right up past your eyeball as you hoiked it out? They’re great, they go through all the phases in one string those 'uns.

aye…its was making a weezing sound as i was breathing in…then when i breathed out…it gave me a tickle…most annoying…but i fished the fella out and gave me a judder while it was running the gauntlet…if i can recall…there was abit of blood on the end…mixed into the soggy bulbus part…:smiley:


… shoulda flicked the fecker at the insurance assessor :stuck_out_tongue:


Shane your getting worse day by day, go and see the Doc.

Take it the stopping smoking ain’t doing too well ?!

Put it on the window sill and when the sun shines on it watch it grow into A Ninja;):smiley: