I've just got back from a party!

It was a good party, nice music, booze, food and I even got to chat up some nice looking birds.But the most enjoyable bit of the whole evening was caning the arse off my ace on the way back home.

Am I deranged? :hehe:

in a word…nope :smiley:

It would have been better if you had one of the birds on the back (to cane her ar*e when you got home) :smiley:

…but sometimes there’s nothing better than a hard ride :wink:

and me i just got in as well

Morning Andy, I’ve just got up.

Roger that! :smiley:

If you had been partaking in some of the booze and THEN caning the arse off your 'ace then I think the answer you are looking for is YES :crazy:

The booze wasn’t the problem, it was the horse tranquilizer which was really f*cking up my cornering. . . :hehe:

Ket head :laugh:


I would’ve stayed and chatted to the pretty girls myself…

Would you really? How f*cking original! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Boring I am :stuck_out_tongue: