Ive just fingered a new Rag!!!!

Yup…walked into the petrol station after dropping the sprogg off at pre-school and a little ditty caught my eye…

It’s goes by the guise of ‘Practical Sportsbikes’ and looks to be a very interesting read indeed…

This months feature includes :

the RD350F2
the Suzi GSX-R 750F
the Honda RC30 in Rothmans makeup
and loads more of great how too’s…

i was chewing on a fag stuck in traffic and my eyes kept on glancing over to the front cover…cant wait to get stuck into it to see what its all about.

Ive only had a flick through…but going for a crap in a sec so lets see if its really worth the £3.99 i paid for it…:wink:

I’ll be right back!!!



How was the crap…


Did it fight back?


or full on chaotic?


he’s still crying, it brings back nightmares from when he was younger…

Why are you in the cubicle with him… I don’t feel very comfortable about this???

I was there too. Had to hold Shane’s hand. He was emotional and in bits. Well, his ass was :smiley:

I feel a LB challenge of the week coming on.

How many bikers can you fit (fully clad) in an average size cubical.

Photos by Sunday!

P.s with a copy of said magazine. Extra points if it makes next months publication.

This mag’s a bit of alright ya know…spent atleast enough time on the can to make my legs go numb which is a good thing…!!!:smiley:

i won’t spoil it for the those who wish to purchoice this publication but the section ‘OUR SHED’ is not to be missed…!!!

i think i like this little off-shoot from MCN;).

its been out ages Shane do keep up !!!:smiley:

its not a bad little read for when you meditating in the library