I've just bought another bike


Okay well, I’ve been talking about it for long enough; obviously my accident slowed me down a bit - I had literally test ridden the bike (well, a similar one) on the day I had my off and it’s only this week that I am being weaned out of my Rooney-Boot, so I am all set to go!

Here she is:

Have paid my deposit, insured her and am bringing her home on Friday, hopefully to debut her on Martin’s run on Saturday. :smiley:

And it means I’ll be shot of the Cruiser as I’m part-ex’ing - so two causes for celebration! Now I just need to get rid of the scoot, although I quite like the idea of trading it in for a green-laning style bike :slight_smile: …:w00t:

So excited - only 4 more sleeps!! :smiley:

wow! looking good Ally!! It’s a gorgeous bike!!! Is it brand new?

Happy riding!!! I am sure you’ll love it lots!!!

Top notch for a middle weight

120+ mph, 70+ bhp and cheap as chips on the insurance too, should keep you out of trouble :wink:

Nope she’s a toddler hun - about 2.5 years old. Not ready to buy a brand new bike yet - the chance of me sliding it down the road at some point is quite high and it would REALLY upset me if I did that to a new bike! Think I will wait for 2 years crash free riding before I buy a brand new bike…famous last words! :smiley:

You don’t waste time. I’m still waiting for the summer. On another note, our bikes will match. Woop Woop. Yellow goes well with green I’ve heard.

Joby (08/04/2013)

You don’t waste time. I’m still waiting for the summer. On another note, our bikes will match. Woop Woop. Yellow goes well with green I’ve heard.[/quote]

Yes indeed it does! :smiley:


Will you need to part-ex it with a battery? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed - ordered one today to be delivered to OMC tomorrow - hoping Matt can charge it and I’ll pick it up Weds on my way to BM - was hoping you might meet me before or after BM to install it (or at least supervise me doing it!!) :D:D

Your mad… Winter was the best time to buy as bikes are cheaper!

Congrats Ally!

Looking good!
See you Saturday!

Good choice. :slight_smile:

Nice one Ally! Looks a lot of fun.

Oooh - pretty colour - enjoy Ally!

Hmmmm shiney!!! very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks chaps! Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas - only 3 more sleeps!!:smiley:

CurlyAlly (08/04/2013)

Matching bikes, what next :smiley:

Great choice Ally, hopefully it is dry on Saturday so as you can have some fun.

I must be missing something here. You have a bmw GS, can’t that do green laning?

Nice bike! :slight_smile:

Mian, it can but you can’t really really take it on challenging lanes, especially when you’re learning. It’s a very heavy bike so best to start on something light like an EXC/CRF

That’s my opinion after having ridden Claire’s BMW on that chalk hill :smiley:


As I mentioned the ER6 has no centre stand, so you might want to look at paddock stands etc (since you like to look after your chain - hehe). I bought a paddock stand recently and although it’s a matter of practice I find it isn’t super easy getting the bike on the stand on my own. You have to have the bike upright, locate the paddock stand “cups” and then lift. It’s a bit nerve wracking (especially since I did it in the garage next to the Porsche the first time.

You might want to invest in one of these that looks a lot simpler/safer http://www.abbastands.co.uk/product_details.asp?id=1

Take the lesson from Grumble, greenlane on the scooter! :smiley: