I've got hiccups

How do you get ride of them

Glass of water: drink it lowering your head towards your chest rather than lifting the glass up in the ususal way, i.e. bending your head in the opposite direction as you would normally.

Mini Mo… why don’t we ever see you on the usual meets?

'cause he’s not real.

He’s the result of sophisticated AI being channelled through neuro networks and the extensive use of fish food.

Here he is just prior to a quick dusting from his carer. (He’s the jar causing the concern)



Mini Mo, sounds odd but try to make yourself hiccup. Mind gets a bit confused and you will stop. Works every time for me.

hold your nose

hold your breath

and swallow 3 times!

then add some crazy snails and fingernails and stand on your head! (Only kidding bout this bit)!

Hold your breath and have a glass of water to hand, when you feel a hiccup coming, swallow a mouthfull of water. Carry on holding your breath and repeat until you either have to breath or the hiccups have stopped.

Wet socks and fingers in the plug socket !!..instantly gone !..

will also help to get rid of unsightly body hair.

and wake you up!

All cleared up now thanks guys. Top tips for electrocution and drowning though

what a bunch of old wives we are!