Ive found the next Rossi

Can anyone wanting to help PM me their email and I will send you the vid to upload e.g. on youtube - it really is worth it lol! :slight_smile:

Else youll have to wait til I get home to do it :wink:

not sure about the next Valentino Rossi but maybe the next Valerie Rossi

have seen the last 3 weeks of the 125cc on the BSB for the riders aged 12-18.

(only live at brands but the other races were on motors tv.)

all races were won by a girl who’s name escapes me

Stephanie something i think

Stephanie Waddelow.

This is not a human, but they are on a bike…

Send me an email man! :slight_smile:

that’s just teasing…i cant see youtube at work:crying:do we get a clue?

I saw her at brands the other week. 4 wins from 4 and poll. Can’t get better weekend than that eh?

I can see her being the next Katja Poensgen.:slight_smile:

She has the youth, dedication and family to go very far. She is an AWESOME chick.

p.s. waiting for Adz to load vid

She certainly has talent by the bucketful:)

eeeek - apparently this has already been posted - but I cant get it load!?