I've finally fitted new graphics!

After year of grief, its finally happened. Yep, I’ve fitted not just tank graphics, the whole bike has a new spiderman livery!

I do hope you’re felling pleased about this Jazz Mag!:stuck_out_tongue:




it will not be long till that get draged back to the swawp to greet the riot:D

Thats not a swamp? Thats an M&S Swamp!

i’m very sorry george i was thinking you found it the same place you got this one:w00t::smiley:

Your correct, not even the skip company would take The Riot!:blush:

You wait until JM gets here, he’ll stick up for The Riot’s mint looks!:cool:

he’ll also defend the riot’s suspenders to:P

George, nice to see you have spent a few quid on the old Dognut, My God if i did,nt know better i would say you,ve Burn,t the Riot:D:D:D, to a Sinder, bought another XR (She looks like a Minter!!) and chopped ya legs off to ride it …Good boy:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

Merry Christmas!

Damn, Those Spiderman Graphics and new panels give the Riot a complete new lease of life, Im not meant to tell you this but Santa is bringing you some new Blue and Red Lycra Spidy Race Leathers/ Sorry Lycras, 1mm Thick stretchy , With Re inforced Nut Sack, if ya need it:D:D:D:D


if jazz is getting you the suit then i’ll get you a mask for those cold sunday rideouts to finchinfeild:D:w00t:

I take it this is for the next generation of Axe-murdering SM nut-nut;):smiley:

Chunky, after riding only S/Motos only for the last 7 years, i still believe when people use words like Childlike,Twat and Show off, they are hitting the right note:D:D

thats why i got 1 in the first place:D as soon as i got on a supermoto the 1st thing i said they should rename it 2 a A.S.B.O

there is something about these bikes that brings the inner demon out to play:):D;):w00t::smiley:

See The Hoff knows, Wheelies, Spitting flames, acting like a Twat, ahhh all the fun of the Fair:D:DHows it going Hoff:cool:

See The Hoff knows, Wheelies, Spitting flames, acting like a Twat, ahhh all the fun of the Fair:D:DHows it going Hoff:cool:
hey there fellow moto mentalist:D i in desperate need of a tear up on the bike but still no sump bolt:crazy: by the way m8 i’ve always been a twat but now i got the 660 i’m big twat

Hoff, i never called you a Twat, and could,nt find a reason to, I only ever said you was a F***ing Bellend , In a ll seriousness, you,re a nice fella with a slow bike:D:D:D, Hey Lifes a Bitch:laugh::laugh::smooooth:

hey there buddy you on da beer :smiley: looks like drunk typin:P next you’ll be sayin ya love me:w00t:

dhofty (26/12/2007)

Do y’ll gotta be drunk to read drunk typing?:stuck_out_tongue: