I've fallen in love...

I’m now on the market for a big mile-muncher. I do 600+ miles per week and loving it.

So I’m looking at the following options:

VFR; Sprint ST; R 1200 GS; CBF1000

My Dad owns one of the above, and it’s actually really nice!

So my question is this - assuming no budget limitations - I want ABS, heated grips and some luggage; something that can cope with high mileage and year round riding. Do I get the same bike as my Dad? Will this make me a bit sad? Or do I go for something else entirely?

And remember - I’m not after a super sports bike, as my nearly 34 year old back will not take 600 miles a week of racing crouch! :slight_smile:

I’d go for the beemer mate:)

If its good enough for Ewan…;):smiley:

I’m taking one out next Friday (15th) for a 6 hour test ride, so I’ll let you know if I like it. The trouble is, after watching Race to Dakar, I’m a little bit put off Charlie…

By the way - I’m not made of money! The new shape BMW is out now, so my local BMW garage is flogging off old shape models in it’s showroom…

Are you sure you wouldn’t be better off with a car ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Northampton to Marylebone and back every day. 1 hour 10 minutes each way on a bike. 2 hours 30 minutes each way in a car. :w00t:

if you into high mileage why not try a ZZR1400, Busa or CBR100xx all would do what you want plus be ok for playtime if you want

ZZR1400 is a mighty machine :smiley: Very impressive. There’s one for sale at my local shop for £5500 , only done 5500 miles and looks stunning in black.

I’ll be after one of those when they go down a little more and when I can keep 2 bikes.

Unless the Triumph really rocks my boat, the BMW is going to go on order very soon.

I spent a day on one last week and I have not had so much fun in a long time. It was like riding an oversized BMX! If you’ve never ridden a boxer twin, your should give it a go - what a laugh!

The traction control is nice too - stops impromptu wheelies and can be turned off for a real giggle.

I will make a point of hanging around London on a Wednesday night the moment the new bike arrives…

Had a 1200GS as a courtesy bike yesterday and got on very well with it. Love the way they rock slightly if you blip the throttle to change down or at the lights. Drinks a fair bit of fuel though.

I’d test ride the F800ST before you sign on the dotted line if I were you. Upright, fair bit of weather protection, cheaper to buy and run.

My bro has got a VFR and loves it… chews the miles… but I would defo go for the Beemer…:slight_smile:

Not sure about the Beamers myself…have heard bad things about the reliability.

Dont forget Dakar crews and long way …abouts have support teams with spare parts that you dont see being replaced.

The M1 isn’t quite the long way down though! ‘BMW assist’ is my support team!

northamptons rougher than dakar too.:smiley:

Have a look at WWW.cbf1000.com . Loads of reasons here why people buy CBF1000 rather than some of the others bikes on your list.

One reason NOT to buy one is that my dad got a new one last November. He is 61 years old. This may well make him a very astute purchaser of motorbikes and a very “cool” dad to have (he also wears those “funny” t-shirts saying something about reading it means the bitch fell off or something) but I refuse to get one now he has one.

It’s like the time I was about to order a new Mini Cooper but went round to my Mum’s and saw her new car on the driveway. If you’re interested, I went for an MX-5 instead but now have a son so that had to go.

Well of the list the VFR is hell of a lot cheaper than the BMW. And even at a discount the BMW dealers don’t sell 'em off that cheap.

If you want a mile muncher and decent performance have you thought about a Varadero? Yes I know it’s an Onda and ot the best looking bike but worth a test ride…More chance of a deal too and if you’re looking at a vara you might as well look at a Vstrom too.