I've done things back to front!

Hi every one, i’ve just got back from the france trip, wasnt even a member but knew a couple of guys that were going so i booked at the last minuite and tagged along. what a blast! met some really top people who made me feel welcome straight off. So thanks to all who went and hi to all who didn’t.

well welcome to lb!

poke poke : with the newbie stick!



Hi and welcome , glad you had a good time in france

maybe see you at the next newbie meet at the Ace


Hi and welcome to LB. See you out and about some time.

Hi well to LB, pull up a chair and enjoy

Poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches



I’ve done things back to front!

you will fit in very nicely here then… welcome

hi andy good to have you with us!

hopefully be a few more meet ups in the future.

No worries Andy nice ridin with ya, and even better watching you clean sh*t coloured puke off the wall

Hello and welcome…

welcome to the nuthouse

Ah so your Andy!!

Wondered when you wud do the right thing and say hi!

Missed ya being sick - i was fast a kip - but fair play on ya for cleaning it up the next morning! Top bloke!!

Welcome to LB luv x