I've done it!!!!!!

YES YES YES! The chain is on the bloody bike (with new sprockets!) it’s only taken 3 days, a horrible bill in Machine Mart and 2 chains… but I’ve done it!

Well done you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed next time…

thats what he did this time

Maybe that was the trouble this time

quite right :slight_smile: Very true, I’ve mucked up this time good and proper - but next time it’ll be a breeze - all I have to do now is work out how I’m going to drill out a sheered bolt… it’s quite small… the bolt that is.


got to be quicker in this game mate!

oh lord, i think id rather pay someone to do it, i think maybe a nice gold did chain next hehe

that’s what I’ve just put on :slight_smile:


at least i knew what BMM was

Great minds eh!!

Congrats Matt. But why don’t you tell all the boys and girls how it was so difficult to complete the task.

Yes it was an utter bitch… it’s taken the best part of three days - not to mention the fact I had to angle grind the old chain off, go find / buy new tools - it’s been an utter disaster from beginning to end… but it’s all on there now working :slight_smile: I’m a happy man and next time I hope it’ll be easier!


Borrowing tools is what mates are for isn’t it?

Nice job Matt though, hope you remember it next time you give the girl some welly from the lights lol lol.


I didn`t think that you ever got your hands dirty.

you buggers!

Got my hands well and truly dirty this time…

ahh well they say you should learn from your mistakes… if I do that this time I should have a masters in bike engineering!