I've been offered a job

congratulations fella

Always difficult if you arrive late as the bays will be full . But there are some monster bays here and there which you can usually ram a bike into some way . Good to be registered with the ones you need to pay for before your standing in the street fumbling with card and phone .

Make a portable ramp so you can park in yer clients front passage.

That`s what I do with the estate car, mind you if the corridor is short, I have to climb out of the tail gate and access the property over my roof.:wink:

I can do that, gis a job.


Excellent, just how I feel of a Monday morning.:slight_smile:

Congratulations mate… all the best with your new job!

congrats mate, pleased for ya.

Congrats - very happy to hear! :slight_smile:

Just hope that you’ll be able to deal with my Ninja before starting…

Oh, and a note to people in general regarding calling Rob - he doesn’t like to be disturbed before 9:30am!! (having just had personal experience of this, along with Scorch, lol)

What happens before 9.30?