I've been offered a job

Your bikes are no longer under threat from my spanners, I was offered a full time job today with a very appealing salary.
I’ll be available for advice and the odd job here and there, but by and large I think most of my time is spoken for.
I’ve told them I can’t start for another 10 days, which gives me time to complete any outstanding work and tie up loose ends.

Very good! Well done!

Any details ? :slight_smile: (not necessarily salary)



Congrats mate

congrats buddy! What about are you going to be doing (If I may ask?) :slight_smile:

Nice one. Good luck with it.

Well done mate! So it looks like I was you last client, right?:wink:

The job is a mobile maintenance technician. Essentially that means bombing around London on my X11 replacing light bulbs and putting up shelves. I went to uni to escape the tools, but as it turns out, this firm pay a better salary than even a Senior University Lecturer, so it was a bit of a no brainer.
I’ll need to get some decent textile trousers, and design a tool storage unit for the back of the bike, but aside from that I’m set I think.

You’ll need your mate to hold yer ladders…

No more scorch the mechanic? What will I do? :crying:

a) Stop breaking it
b) Ring Rob Brown

Are you sure a job will fit into your lifestyle ? :smiley:

No he wont!

Bout time you got off yer arse Well done Tim, Congratulations. Hope all goes well. :slight_smile:

well done dude, real happy for you.

Great news congratulations

Congrats mate! One of the last customer too :smiley:

Good luck!

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
Now I have to acquire a smart phone with a bigger screen and learn how to use it, buy a bosch 10.8v multi tool set, mount a second 12v socket, design a mount for my tool storage chest and service the tractor. :crazy:

And work out where I can and can’t get away with parking my bike in central London. The guy I spoke to says he removes his plate and tax disc when he gets to the job, not sure how I feel about that :ermm: