I've been knocked off

Coming home from work on Wednesday I was very kindly dismounted from my bike after a young driver shot across my bow without looking to pull into a car-park. She took a flash from a stationary car as a statement that it was clear for her to go – NO!

I’ve got a minor fracture in my left shoulder somewhere and just need to rest up, as well as the usual bruising to thighs and nuts.

The bike looks like a write-off as there’s so much damage, i.e. missing front-end, all panels damaged, fuel tank mount area damaged, sub-frame broken, radiator pushed in and suspected bent forks. All this at a paltry 20-25mph.

Still, MCE Insurance are doing a great job and have been very proactive, contacting me and starting the claims process with their solicitors. The driver knows she was in the wrong, admitted it at this scene (though we all know this doesn’t mean much) and subsequently broke down in tears (hang on, who was injured here?)…

I have a witness, Police and Paramedics were called. The bike was recovered home and is now looking VERY sorry for itself. An engineer will come out and assess it for repair/total loss status.

I’m at home off work, resting up. I’m in a sling and can’t move much without pain.

As this is an ongoing claim, I won’t go into any more details on how/who/what/where, but here’s a quick piccy:



Don’t accept their first offer.

Ouch :frowning:

Dude that sucks, but at least you seem to have got off relatively well (brused jewels though :w00t:). Seems like even more muppets on the road now the sun is out, especially the chavs with the bass so loud they don’t hear you filtering past on a bike with no baffles or see because they got their gansta lean on!!!

Hope the insurance gets sorted quuickly and your back on a bike soon.

Nasty mate , was drolling over your ride only last week !

Hope your not hurt too badly and its all sorted out quickly.

Get well soon fella.

Photo’s always bring it home and make everyone more cautious dont they? I am glad to hear you are ok, as always could have been worse x :slight_smile:

Ouch! :w00t:

Glad it doesn’t sound like your that seriously injured - how long do they recon you will be out of action for? Get well soon.

Also what’s that VW made of!? There seems to be very little damage considering what happened to your bike!

That’s probably the strongest part of the car. Plus it wasn’t that fast (obviously/thankfully), but bike’s are made from plastic and thin aluminium, so fall apart!

Glad you’re still with us Jay, could have been much worse.
MCE = great service.

i must say when you do a job you do it well, when i 1st heard about it i thought you was trying to impress some bimbo ok i was wrong :slight_smile:

Morrisons eh? I’m always worried when coming down that bus lane, it’s all too common for people to dive across there

woooow Jay please your ok, I was on a push bike but had the exact same, women listened to the car letting her through but did not look up the inside.

Get well soon fella.

heal soon dude!
happened to me y-day but i stopped in time (wasnt going fast) and it was a police van that cut me off :angry:

Hope you get better soon mate. Never nice.

Hope you get the bike up and going soon!

Oh man jay im glad your not worse its a shame yet another bike of yours but atleast you dont need to fight with those down pipes anymore.

Rest up and fingers crossed she doesnt twist it onto you.

She’ll probably try, but pulling across his right of way, hard to see how she can, she should count herself lucky if she avoids a careless driving charge.

Get well soon dude, you don’t seem to be having much luck with the gixxers, maybe time to consider getting something else once the compo comes through?

Get well soon. :slight_smile:

I can see that one going 50/50 :slight_smile:

Get well soon and hope the insurance works out.:slight_smile:

So sorry mate. Hope you heal quickly and the claim goes smoothly.