Classic TT highlights then Road the film. However, where the fuck has ITV+1 gone? It’s possible I deleted in a purge of nonsense channels by accident.

Did a retune and now it says ITV4 will return at 4am.
Now I’ve got all the bollocks back, Craft Channel I’m looking at you, no ITV4 and my carefully honed order with all the HD up front has been banjoed. Fuck sake.

ITV4 +1 has never worked on Freeview.

Well that’s crap.

Not the Alan Johnson programme then, my bad that was BBC 4 :wink:

You didn’t miss anything. ITV 4 showed this despite listing this There was a bit of a Twitter Storm.

Is that the Cormac McCarthy book? Fuuuuuuck that would have made me upset, but not in a rage against itv on Twitter way. I’m not on twatter anyway.